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At Rapid Composites we take pride in putting the environment first. We are committed to building a sustainable and true eco-friendly business model. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a near zero percent scrap rate with all of our products. This will be achieved with smart investment in infrastructure and by continual development of more efficient technologies. Until we meet our goal, we want to ensure that everything that can be recycled is recycled (please see our recycling partners listed below). To a large degree, this is at our expense.

In addition, Rapid Composites sponsors anti-poaching campaigns around the world (please see links to our anti-poaching partners below) and supports local domestic, indigenous and endangered animal rescue (please see links to our rescue partners below).

Rapid Composites also owns a Class I, II and III threatened and endangered animal rescue site licensed by the EPA/FWCC ( Our former worksite that Rapid Composites still owns is uniquely secure, clean, eco-friendly while allowing  our team to peacefully and safely share our space with nature and its special inhabitants. We provide a safe haven for threatened to critically endangered wildlife which includes, indigenous venomous rattlesnakes to even an African Nile crocodile. Our goal is to lead by example, educate as a high-tech operation that can peacefully co-exist, while minimizing its environmental signature!

Material Recycling

Wildlife Preservation

Steve Irwin Foundation

Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge

Kashmir World Foundation

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

"Heather" Nile Crocodile

Siamese Crocodile & Snapping Turtle

"Henry" - American Alligator

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes

Baby Gopher Tortoises

Indigo Snakes